Thanks for stopping by - if you're here it probably means you want to know a bit more about me and my photography.

I was born 28 years ago in a city called Basingstoke, in the south of England, but grew up near Venice. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years travelling back and forth between Italy and the UK.

I was always very aware of my creative side - as a kid I loved reading and writing, and at the age of 11 I started playing guitar, and spent the best part of 12 years perfecting that art.

My passion for photography began in my early 20s, after completing a photography course at university. At that time I was mostly shooting film, and although there was something romantic about having to wait for the photos to be developed before anyone could see them, I was more than happy when digital came along. And that's when my career as a photographer actually started.

In September 2012 I left Italy and moved to London - I didn't bring much with me, but my Canon camera went everywhere with me. I used the city streets as my training ground, photographing everything - from traditional street photography to night-time cityscapes. I quickly started working with local businesses, and soon enough I became a concert photographer for one of the main promotion companies in the country.

Every night I would go to a different venue in London to photograph bands, from emerging all the way up to world-famous superstars. As I worked my way up the ranks, I started to work directly for the bands and their managements, and I was soon shooting at places such as The O2 Arena and Wembley Stadium as the only photographer.

As my network grew bigger and bigger, I started connecting with people from different industries, and soon enough I was shooting motorsports around Europe, fashion shows in London and commercial shoots for designer brands in large studios. I also did voluntary work as a photojournalist for NGO International Alert from 2013 to 2015, with photos published on numerous national newspapers including 'The Guardian'.

I shot my first wedding in 2013. I was sitting at home on a Thursday afternoon browsing the web, when I came across an advert: "Wedding Photographer Needed Urgently!!". I got in touch, and the best man told me that the official photographer had to cancel last minute, and that they were desperately looking for a replacement. The wedding was in 2 days. Although I had experience in many different fields, including photojournalism, I'd never shot a wedding before, but I felt confident and decided to take the job. Little did I know, that would become the beginning of my career as a wedding photographer.

I love everything about being a wedding photographer - building the initial rapport with the couple, being a part of such an incredible occasion and having the responsibility to document such a beautiful event in a faithful, yet artistic way. Every time I get home after being on my feet for 10+ hours, and have over 3000 photos on my memory cards, I know that everyone is waiting for me to deliver those pictures. And that delivery is probably the best part of it all. There is nothing quite like witnessing the joy on the bride and groom's faces, and the emotions in their eyes when they see the photos for the first time. It's something that just doesn't happen in any other job.

But my job isn't just a job - it's my passion. And I believe this passion transpires through every one of my photos.