Essex Wedding Photographer - Josephine & Asad's Beautiful Wedding At Hedingham Castle

There are a lot of words I could use to describe Josephine and Asad's wedding at Hedingham Castle in Essex. Instead, I'm going to let the photos tell the story.

This is quite simply my favourite wedding of the year. Everything was perfect: the bride and groom, the guests, the location...even the weather was incredible! But let's start with the location.

I visited Hedingham Castle a few days before the wedding to meet Sarah, the wedding coordinator. The first thing that impressed me was the sheer size of this place. It's ginormous! Sarah had done an amazing job at organising the whole event, and we were to follow a very strict schedule.

On the day of the wedding, I decided to arrive early to get my mind completely focused on the job at hand. I visited Josephine in her cottage, where she was getting ready with her beautiful bridesmaids. The place looked gorgeous, so I decided to spend some time shooting the dress and details, while Josephine got her make up done.

I then headed to Asad's cottage, where I found him and his groomsmen happily toasting and having some Domino's pizza. Legends.
I hung out with the guys for a bit, taking some nice candid shots, and then they headed to the tower, where the ceremony was going to happen.
On our way there, I went back to see Josephine, and toke some photos together with her gorgeous bridesmaids. And then, it was time to go.

The ceremony was inside this spectacular tower, with nothing but candlelight. This made it challenging from a photographic point of view, but who doesn't like a good challenge?
We then went even higher, while everyone else waited for us outside, to take some more intimate and posed photographs.

After taking some group photos outside, I took the bride and groom around the premises for their wedding portrait session. Josephine and I had discussed many ideas over the months, and this made everything run very smoothly. But to put it simply, Josephine and Asad were just an amazing couple to be with, and every photo turned out amazing!

The reception was just as epic as everything else that day, and now I will stop talking, and let you enjoy my favourite wedding of 2017.

Destination Wedding Photographer - Lucy & Bryan's Wedding In Vicenza, Italy

One of the benefits of being a destination wedding photographer is that I get to visit amazing places, and meet incredible people from all over the world. Lucy is a lovely English bride, Bryan is a handsome American groom. They were living and working in Vicenza, Italy at the American Military base, and decided to have their wedding in the town centre.

I started the day at Bryan's house, where he got ready with his best men and colleagues. Immediately, I could tell this was going to be a special wedding - I'd never photographed any form of military before, and today I had a small army in front of me!

We headed to a beautiful Catholic church in Vicenza, where we (especially Bryan) patiently waited for Lucy to arrive in her stunning white dress. The ceremony was fairly long, which is quite typical for Catholics. Once it was over, everyone waited outside for the newly married couple to leave the church and throw confetti. And boy, did they throw them alright! I was still removing them from my clothes months after the wedding.

The reception took place in what can only be described as the most elegant, stylish and Italian Palladian villa you could possibly imagine. It was boiling hot, but this didn't stop anyone from having an amazing time eating, drinking and talking. To top things off, the guests were all incredibly glamorous and good looking. Basically, the perfect wedding.

We had plenty of opportunities for amazing and epic photographs, with lots of fun in between and during.

This will definitely go down as one of my favourite weddings I have ever shot!

London Wedding Photographer - Nabila & Amir's Wedding At Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Think big and epic. Now double that. No. Triple that. Now you're getting close.

Nabila and Amir's wedding in London was a showcase of what an epic wedding in a 5 star hotel such as the Millennium Gloucester looks like. Every single little detail had been thought about months before, we had gone over the plan countless times over the phone, and when the big day finally arrived, everybody had to be on the top of their game to make sure this wedding lived up to its expectations.

We started the day by photographing Nabila getting ready in her hotel suite, together with her bridesmaids. The tension was high, so I took a very photojournalistic approach, and captured the moments without any form of interference. I knew how important the details were for Nabila, so I positioned bags and shoes on a small glass table under the window to get some beautiful reflections.
The lighting in the suite was very poor (I'll be talking more in detail about this later) so I had to get creative.

When I saw the ceremony room I was blown away. It looked like something out of a movie.
A huge white room with massive windows and a glass ceiling, with tall palm trees all around the raised centre stage, where 2 chairs and a table awaited Nabila and Amir.

The ceremony itself was split into two: the first one was the standard civil wedding, and the second one was a muslim one. After this, everyone went downstairs to a room that had been specially set up for the group photos, which took a good hour and a half, with almost 200 guests.

It was then time to go back upstairs for the wedding breakfast, but Nabila and Amir wanted to enter in style, and so they did, with live music and dancing.
As the sun went down, the Millennium Gloucester Hotel turned on the lights, which were a very intense purple colour. Now, I'd like to spend a few words about lighting. I don't expect most people to understand this, but cameras don't see light the way we see it. A strong purple light shining on somebody's face may look cool at a party, but for a wedding, where somebody's paying good money for photographers and videographers, this should be banned. Bad lighting will ruin photos. It doesn't matter how good the photographer is. Lighting is simply the most important aspect of photography. So, if you're planning a wedding, please keep in mind that for your photos to look great, you might need to have a word with the venue about what lighting setup they have. Ok, back to the wedding.

After cutting the cake, it was time for the belly dancer. Yes, that's right. We had a belly dancer! After that, everybody was in a dancing mood, and a huge party started.

This is definitely a wedding I won't be forgetting any time soon. Nabila and Amir definitely know how to put on a great show!

Christ Church Wedding Photography - Victoria & Marcel's Wedding In Oxford

Getting married at Christ Church in Oxford isn't something you do every day, so you can imagine how excited I was when Victoria and Marcel contacted me asking me to shoot their wedding in this amazing location! I have a special relationship with Oxford, as its a city I fell in love with many years ago, whilst visiting my sister during her uni years.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves - needless to say, the wedding was just as epic as you'd expect it to be. The cathedral is incredibly majestic, and the whole premises just lends itself beautifully for such a happy wedding like the one of Victoria and Marcel.

After the celebration and group shots, the guests headed to the reception, while we stayed behind for the portrait session. We spent a good hour photographing in Christ Church, and then decided to head outside and take some photos at the Bridge Of Sighs, another iconic location we couldn't miss.

The reception was also great fun, with lots of fun and dancing. Oh, and did I mention the burger van?

Sal Alexander Photography - Surrey wedding photographer taking beautiful natural wedding photos in Surrey, London, Oxford, Kent and all of the UK.

Berkshire Wedding Photographer - Sophie & Ryan's Wedding At The Olde Bell, Maidenhead

The quintessential British wedding, this is how I talk about Sophie and Ryan's amazing wedding in Maidenhead. Everything from the styling, all the way down to the transport, is pure Britishness.

I met Ryan first, as he was getting ready with the lads in his room at The Olde Bell. The atmosphere was exactly what you see in the photos: pure hilarity. I was immediately struck by the bright orange theme, which started with the tie, and ended with the socks. I loved it.

With plenty of time to kill, the guys managed to fit in a few drinks and toasts, and Ryan had some gifts ready for them as well: four beautiful Hugo Boss watches. What a gift!

We then headed to the parking lot, where a vintage double-decker bus was waiting for us to take us to church for the ceremony. We filled up both floors, and headed off to get Ryan married.

After the ceremony, we used the church yard for some group shots, and then headed back to The Olde Bell in the double-decker bus. This is where we got the brilliant idea to take a photo of everyone waving from the tiny windows, but to do so I had to lean from the open door whilst on the go. A bit scary but well worth it!

The wedding breakfast was lovely, with lots of entertainment, singing and dancing, and Sophie and Ryan shared their love story, which got everyone shedding a tear or two.

As golden hour approached, we took the newly married couple for a quick stroll down the lane to take some beautiful wedding portraits, and then it was time for some more epic partying!

Essex Wedding Photographer - Corine & Keith's Wedding At The Old Rectory

Corine and Keith's wedding at The Old Rectory was without a doubt one of the highlights of this year's wedding season. The reason? Very simple. Corine and Keith are awesome! The atmosphere was very relaxed, with a bit of nervousness kicking in only a few minutes before the ceremony. Corine had her three daughters and one granddaughter to help her get ready, and it was such a beautiful experience to photograph. As you can imagine, there were a lot of laughing out loud moments.

The ceremony took place in the beautiful garden of the Essex wedding venue, and a lovely red carped was laid out for the bride and groom to walk down.

The emotions that I photographed during the ceremony were some of the most pure and authentic I've ever witnessed, and reminded me how love really has no boundaries such as age.

As the sky cleared up, the reception was split between indoors and outdoors, and with so many different generations present at the wedding, there were plenty of children that spent a good few hours running around in the garden, which made for some beautiful candid photographs.

Photographing Corine and Keith's wedding was a true honour, and one of my favourite experiences as a wedding photographer. It fills my heart to know that the images I took that day will be enjoyed by so many generations, over and over again.

London Wedding Photographer - Yvonne & Steve's Wedding At The Star And Garter

Yvonne and Steve had a beautiful wedding in central London at The Star and Garter, a venue by the River Thames that has just changed management and is being completely renewed.

We were very lucky to find a beautiful sunny day in London, and started at Yvonne's flat where she got ready together with her beautiful bridesmaids. As usual, moving around London on a weekend can be very tricky, and it took us almost 30 minutes to drive 1.5 miles.

The wedding at the Star and Garter was beautiful and relaxed, and the reception room has some very nice lighting. There are also plenty of locations nearby that were great for Yvonne and Steve's portrait session, without forgetting some nice London street shots on our way back to the venue.

The reception was a blast, with plenty of opportunities to take some beautiful candid wedding photos.

Sal Alexander Photography - Surrey wedding photographer taking beautiful natural wedding photos in Surrey, London, Oxford, Kent and all of the UK.

London Wedding Photographer - Jennifer & James's Wedding In Clapham

Jennifer and James got in touch with me after I photographed their good friends' wedding in Hampstead Heath just a few months before. Of course I was very happy to return to London to photograph another beautiful wedding!

We started the day at Jennifer's home in Clapham, where she got ready together with her sister and mom. The atmosphere was super chilled, and everyone had a big smile on their faces. About an hour later, the father arrived, bringing even more joy to the room. From there, we started walking through Clapham Common Park and towards Holy Trinity Church, where James was waiting with his brother and parents.

The ceremony was beautiful, bringing together not only Jennifer and James, but also two families, two cultures and two different parts of the world. These are by far my favourite types of weddings, they just feel special.

We then went to the pond in Clapham Common Park for the portrait session, which was very laid back, and I let Jennifer and James spend some time together while I took some candid shots.

This was a beautiful wedding, with amazing guests that made the day even more enjoyable.

Surrey Wedding Photographer - Sarah & Daniel's Wedding At Farnham Northbrook Park

Elegant and classy. These are the two words that describe Sarah and Daniel's Surrey wedding. Northbrook Park is a beautiful wedding venue in Farnham, with all the right elements to make your wedding epic.

Before the ceremony started, I spent some time with Daniel and the groomsmen, but as the clock ticked, he was getting more and more nervous, so I suggested we'd go for a stroll in the lovely gardens of the wedding venue and take some photos. This seemed to do the trick, and soon enough it was time to get married!

The ceremony room was very simple yet elegant, with plenty of natural light coming in, even on an overcast day. 
The gardens gave us plenty of opportunities to take some great wedding portraits, and just as we though the sun was going to come out, it started pouring with rain!
We rushed inside for the wedding breakfast, a very nice tent-room with a white ceiling and open sides.

The wedding developed smoothly, with plenty of laughter coming from the cheerful guests.

London Wedding Photographer - Taryn & John's Wedding In Hampstead Heath

Taryn and John's wedding in London was beautiful, simple and rock'n'roll. I don't think I've ever met a couple as chilled on their wedding day as these two! When I arrived at Taryn's home in beautiful Hampstead, she was getting into her dress, and wearing black, leather boots. Her mom insisted she changed them for the photos, but Taryn was too cool for that!

John arrived just in time, and we set off to take some beautiful candid wedding photographs around Hampstead, and then made our way to the famous park. I had a blast photographing them, and they enjoyed it just as much as I did. Very relaxed atmosphere, and it gave them an opportunity to breath a bit before meeting the guests at the ceremony location, Burgh House & Hampstead Museum.

Burgh House is a cosy venue in Hampstead Heath with an amazing atmosphere, and plenty of rooms with their own history and feel to them. After spending some time mingling, it was time for Taryn and John to get married. A beautiful ceremony was held, with plenty of laughter and tears. The garden made a lovely setting for some group photos and more mingling.