Essex Wedding Photographer - Josephine & Asad's Beautiful Wedding At Hedingham Castle

There are a lot of words I could use to describe Josephine and Asad's wedding at Hedingham Castle in Essex. Instead, I'm going to let the photos tell the story.

This is quite simply my favourite wedding of the year. Everything was perfect: the bride and groom, the guests, the location...even the weather was incredible! But let's start with the location.

I visited Hedingham Castle a few days before the wedding to meet Sarah, the wedding coordinator. The first thing that impressed me was the sheer size of this place. It's ginormous! Sarah had done an amazing job at organising the whole event, and we were to follow a very strict schedule.

On the day of the wedding, I decided to arrive early to get my mind completely focused on the job at hand. I visited Josephine in her cottage, where she was getting ready with her beautiful bridesmaids. The place looked gorgeous, so I decided to spend some time shooting the dress and details, while Josephine got her make up done.

I then headed to Asad's cottage, where I found him and his groomsmen happily toasting and having some Domino's pizza. Legends.
I hung out with the guys for a bit, taking some nice candid shots, and then they headed to the tower, where the ceremony was going to happen.
On our way there, I went back to see Josephine, and toke some photos together with her gorgeous bridesmaids. And then, it was time to go.

The ceremony was inside this spectacular tower, with nothing but candlelight. This made it challenging from a photographic point of view, but who doesn't like a good challenge?
We then went even higher, while everyone else waited for us outside, to take some more intimate and posed photographs.

After taking some group photos outside, I took the bride and groom around the premises for their wedding portrait session. Josephine and I had discussed many ideas over the months, and this made everything run very smoothly. But to put it simply, Josephine and Asad were just an amazing couple to be with, and every photo turned out amazing!

The reception was just as epic as everything else that day, and now I will stop talking, and let you enjoy my favourite wedding of 2017.