London Wedding Photographer - Nabila & Amir's Wedding At Millennium Gloucester Hotel

Think big and epic. Now double that. No. Triple that. Now you're getting close.

Nabila and Amir's wedding in London was a showcase of what an epic wedding in a 5 star hotel such as the Millennium Gloucester looks like. Every single little detail had been thought about months before, we had gone over the plan countless times over the phone, and when the big day finally arrived, everybody had to be on the top of their game to make sure this wedding lived up to its expectations.

We started the day by photographing Nabila getting ready in her hotel suite, together with her bridesmaids. The tension was high, so I took a very photojournalistic approach, and captured the moments without any form of interference. I knew how important the details were for Nabila, so I positioned bags and shoes on a small glass table under the window to get some beautiful reflections.
The lighting in the suite was very poor (I'll be talking more in detail about this later) so I had to get creative.

When I saw the ceremony room I was blown away. It looked like something out of a movie.
A huge white room with massive windows and a glass ceiling, with tall palm trees all around the raised centre stage, where 2 chairs and a table awaited Nabila and Amir.

The ceremony itself was split into two: the first one was the standard civil wedding, and the second one was a muslim one. After this, everyone went downstairs to a room that had been specially set up for the group photos, which took a good hour and a half, with almost 200 guests.

It was then time to go back upstairs for the wedding breakfast, but Nabila and Amir wanted to enter in style, and so they did, with live music and dancing.
As the sun went down, the Millennium Gloucester Hotel turned on the lights, which were a very intense purple colour. Now, I'd like to spend a few words about lighting. I don't expect most people to understand this, but cameras don't see light the way we see it. A strong purple light shining on somebody's face may look cool at a party, but for a wedding, where somebody's paying good money for photographers and videographers, this should be banned. Bad lighting will ruin photos. It doesn't matter how good the photographer is. Lighting is simply the most important aspect of photography. So, if you're planning a wedding, please keep in mind that for your photos to look great, you might need to have a word with the venue about what lighting setup they have. Ok, back to the wedding.

After cutting the cake, it was time for the belly dancer. Yes, that's right. We had a belly dancer! After that, everybody was in a dancing mood, and a huge party started.

This is definitely a wedding I won't be forgetting any time soon. Nabila and Amir definitely know how to put on a great show!