Berkshire Wedding Photographer - Sophie & Ryan's Wedding At The Olde Bell, Maidenhead

The quintessential British wedding, this is how I talk about Sophie and Ryan's amazing wedding in Maidenhead. Everything from the styling, all the way down to the transport, is pure Britishness.

I met Ryan first, as he was getting ready with the lads in his room at The Olde Bell. The atmosphere was exactly what you see in the photos: pure hilarity. I was immediately struck by the bright orange theme, which started with the tie, and ended with the socks. I loved it.

With plenty of time to kill, the guys managed to fit in a few drinks and toasts, and Ryan had some gifts ready for them as well: four beautiful Hugo Boss watches. What a gift!

We then headed to the parking lot, where a vintage double-decker bus was waiting for us to take us to church for the ceremony. We filled up both floors, and headed off to get Ryan married.

After the ceremony, we used the church yard for some group shots, and then headed back to The Olde Bell in the double-decker bus. This is where we got the brilliant idea to take a photo of everyone waving from the tiny windows, but to do so I had to lean from the open door whilst on the go. A bit scary but well worth it!

The wedding breakfast was lovely, with lots of entertainment, singing and dancing, and Sophie and Ryan shared their love story, which got everyone shedding a tear or two.

As golden hour approached, we took the newly married couple for a quick stroll down the lane to take some beautiful wedding portraits, and then it was time for some more epic partying!