Destination Wedding Photographer - Lucy & Bryan's Wedding In Vicenza, Italy

One of the benefits of being a destination wedding photographer is that I get to visit amazing places, and meet incredible people from all over the world. Lucy is a lovely English bride, Bryan is a handsome American groom. They were living and working in Vicenza, Italy at the American Military base, and decided to have their wedding in the town centre.

I started the day at Bryan's house, where he got ready with his best men and colleagues. Immediately, I could tell this was going to be a special wedding - I'd never photographed any form of military before, and today I had a small army in front of me!

We headed to a beautiful Catholic church in Vicenza, where we (especially Bryan) patiently waited for Lucy to arrive in her stunning white dress. The ceremony was fairly long, which is quite typical for Catholics. Once it was over, everyone waited outside for the newly married couple to leave the church and throw confetti. And boy, did they throw them alright! I was still removing them from my clothes months after the wedding.

The reception took place in what can only be described as the most elegant, stylish and Italian Palladian villa you could possibly imagine. It was boiling hot, but this didn't stop anyone from having an amazing time eating, drinking and talking. To top things off, the guests were all incredibly glamorous and good looking. Basically, the perfect wedding.

We had plenty of opportunities for amazing and epic photographs, with lots of fun in between and during.

This will definitely go down as one of my favourite weddings I have ever shot!