Essex Wedding Photographer - Corine & Keith's Wedding At The Old Rectory

Corine and Keith's wedding at The Old Rectory was without a doubt one of the highlights of this year's wedding season. The reason? Very simple. Corine and Keith are awesome! The atmosphere was very relaxed, with a bit of nervousness kicking in only a few minutes before the ceremony. Corine had her three daughters and one granddaughter to help her get ready, and it was such a beautiful experience to photograph. As you can imagine, there were a lot of laughing out loud moments.

The ceremony took place in the beautiful garden of the Essex wedding venue, and a lovely red carped was laid out for the bride and groom to walk down.

The emotions that I photographed during the ceremony were some of the most pure and authentic I've ever witnessed, and reminded me how love really has no boundaries such as age.

As the sky cleared up, the reception was split between indoors and outdoors, and with so many different generations present at the wedding, there were plenty of children that spent a good few hours running around in the garden, which made for some beautiful candid photographs.

Photographing Corine and Keith's wedding was a true honour, and one of my favourite experiences as a wedding photographer. It fills my heart to know that the images I took that day will be enjoyed by so many generations, over and over again.