London Wedding Photographer - Taryn & John's Wedding In Hampstead Heath

Taryn and John's wedding in London was beautiful, simple and rock'n'roll. I don't think I've ever met a couple as chilled on their wedding day as these two! When I arrived at Taryn's home in beautiful Hampstead, she was getting into her dress, and wearing black, leather boots. Her mom insisted she changed them for the photos, but Taryn was too cool for that!

John arrived just in time, and we set off to take some beautiful candid wedding photographs around Hampstead, and then made our way to the famous park. I had a blast photographing them, and they enjoyed it just as much as I did. Very relaxed atmosphere, and it gave them an opportunity to breath a bit before meeting the guests at the ceremony location, Burgh House & Hampstead Museum.

Burgh House is a cosy venue in Hampstead Heath with an amazing atmosphere, and plenty of rooms with their own history and feel to them. After spending some time mingling, it was time for Taryn and John to get married. A beautiful ceremony was held, with plenty of laughter and tears. The garden made a lovely setting for some group photos and more mingling.