What areas of the UK do you cover?

Mostly I work in and around London, Oxford, Surrey and Kent, but over the past few years I’ve been getting more and more requests to cover weddings all over the UK and abroad. I love travelling, so I’ll be happy to shoot your wedding wherever it is!

Are you willing to travel and shoot weddings abroad?

Definitely! I’ve already shot weddings in different countries, and absolutely loved it!

Will you shoot our wedding personally?

Yes, I deal with every single aspect of your wedding personally. This is not one of those agencies that outsources work. Every year I take on a limited amount of work to make sure I can be entirely focused on your wedding, making it absolutely unique and perfect. Everything from the shooting, all the way to the editing and printing is done by me.

Can we meet you in person before booking?

I would be very glad to meet you before booking. I spend a lot of time travelling, and often will spend the winter abroad in sunny Italy, so this might make meeting in person quite challenging. However, I’ve found that there’s nothing that can’t be covered over a Skype or FaceTime videocall, at least to get things started. As soon as the wedding season kicks in and I’m back in the UK, we can arrange to meet at any time if needed!

How long should we wait before receiving the photographs?

I like to start working on the post-production as soon as I finish shooting a wedding, so although the contract will say “within 40 days”, realistically you will receive the digital photos within 14-20 days. Prints and albums will take longer, depending on the amount requested and time of year.

What’s your photographic style?

My style of photography is very photojournalistic. I love capturing candid moments and real emotions, and I believe this is what makes my work so unique. I’m very unobtrusive, and let the day unfold naturally, always looking for new angles to capture your day in a unique, yet timeless way. My background in concert photography has taught me to predict moments before they happen, without having any control over what happens. My experience as a photojournalist has taught me how to tell a story that’s true-to-life, that doesn’t just show how the events unfolded, but also captures the emotions of the day, that you’ll relive every time you look at your wedding photos. And finally, my experience as a fashion and portrait photographer means that whether you want a small, intimate wedding, or an epic photoshoot, I have you covered.

Can we print the photos anywhere we want?

Yes, when you receive the digital photos, they will be hi-res files ready for print.

What’s the advantage of printing with you?

The advantage is that I print in-house, so I can ensure perfect colour accuracy and correct any imperfections if necessary. Printing companies usually print in bulk, which usually translates into lower quality control.

Do you have insurance?


Do you also shoot video?

I don’t shoot video. However, over the years I’ve developed relationships with different wedding filmmakers, and I’m able to recommend them to my couples.

I believe that if you choose me as your wedding photographer, and this has been proven over the years, the couple is very happy to get recommendations from me on who should shoot the video, as the two final products will match very nicely.

Having said this, you are free to choose any filmmaker you prefer.

How many pictures will you take at our wedding?

There’s no limit on how many pictures I might take at your wedding. Thanks to digital I don’t need to worry about it!

How many pictures do you deliver?

I always deliver a minimum of 500, fully edited photos. Depending on the length and size of the wedding, this number can even double. But I’d like to stress that numbers aren’t important. Every image you’ll receive will be of the best quality, and will serve the purpose of telling your story in a beautiful way. I would never deliver an image that isn’t great just to boost numbers.

How many hours can you work at our wedding?

I don’t work by the hour - your wedding day is entirely dedicated to you, and I’ll be there from the getting ready, all the way to the party. However, if you plan on having a wedding longer than 9 hours an additional hourly fee will be applied.

Who will choose the photos?

I make the initial selection, but out of those 500+ photos you will be free to choose whichever ones you want for the album and prints.

On your website and blog we’ve seen a lot of photos. Do you always ask for a release form before publishing online?

Yes, it’s part of the contract. You can opt out if you prefer not having any photos published online.

Do you work with natural light or do you use flash?

Mostly I work with natural light, as I believe it’s the most beautiful. In some situations I will use flash, for example when the available light is too low or really bad.

How will you store our photos? Will you make a backup?

I only work with professional Canon cameras that have 2 memory card slots. This means that every photo I take is being automatically saved on both cards, effectively giving me an instant backup of your entire wedding.

As soon as I arrive home, I copy all the files to my computer’s hard drive, plus a second hard drive just for backup. So your photos are safe with me!

Do you retouch wrinkles, pimples, crooked noses, overweight, etc. in Photoshop?

The type of editing I do does not include this sort of invasive retouching. If there’s a very obvious pimple or blemish, then I will remove it, but any other sort of invasive editing which is common in fashion photography will be charged separately, as this can take a huge amount of time.

Can we send you a list of photos we’d like you to take at our wedding?

A written list isn’t very effective. What I like to use is Pinterest mood-boards. If you’re not familiar with them, don’t worry, they’re very easy to use! All you need is a Pinterest account, and then I will create and share with you a board, where you’ll be able to save all the photos you like from around the web. This will give me a very clear visual representation of what you like, and avoid any confusion. Having said this, I believe that if you choose me it’s because you like my style, so although I’m more than happy to see your ideas, I wouldn’t try and adopt somebody else’s style.

Do we need to feed you at the wedding?

Yes please!

Do you work with an assistant or second shooter?

I do, but this depends on the size and complexity of the wedding. I find that with up to around 100 guests I can manage just fine by myself to cover everything. More than that, it starts to become a bit tedious and I recommend bringing in the second shooter. With a second shooter you are guaranteed maximum coverage of the entire day without any chance of missing anything. Also, you can get pictures of both the bride and the groom getting ready, as well as multiple angles throughout the day.

How will we receive the photos?

As soon as the photos are ready, I will send you a link to a private online gallery where you’ll be able to view and download all the pictures. I will then send to your home address a personalised USB drive containing all the photos from the online gallery divided into two folders: one containing the high resolution files ready for print, another with smaller files you can use for sharing on social media.